Growers’ Comments

"After switching 3 years ago from a conventional sprayer to my LectroBlast®, I would estimate my efficiency has increased 25% overall. Being a custom farming operation, I can get from ranch to ranch faster because my operators spend more time in the field and less time with the fill-ups and maintenance on the machine.

I feel the LectroBlast® is a simple, better quality machine and as my business expands, I will definitely be looking to buy more LectroBlast® sprayers."

Modesto, CA

"After using our LectroBlast® Electrostatic Sprayer for a season, I wanted to let you know how we are doing with it.

First and foremost the time and manpower spent spraying has been cut from two men for two days for 115 acres to one man in one day. In the past we hired a man to drive the spray rig and I measured and loaded the spray material for him, approximately 24 loads dilute to spray the orchards or 12 loads per day for two days. Now I load and spray using 7 loads to spray the orchards in one day in the concentrate mode.

Second, the Hardie gas engine driven sprayer we replaced used between 60 and 70 gallons of gasoline to spray the orchards as well as about 10 gallons of diesel fuel for the John Deere 2240 tow tractor. We now use between 34 & 36 gallons of diesel for the John Deere 2755 tractor and PTO driven LectroBlast® Sprayer to spray the orchards. We use less than half of the fuel we formerly used and have no additional engine, cooling system, or battery to maintain. The maintenance on the LectroBlast® is a small fraction of what we had to do on the old Hardie.

Third, in spite of having some 75 year old trees towering 50 to 60 feet high, we are getting better coverage with the LectroBlast® Electrostatic Sprayer and the result is less blight and worm damage resulting in better grades and thus better prices for our walnuts.

Fourth, by using a concentrate mix and electrostatic spraying, we are using less chemicals and getting better results against the pests.

Finally, although spraying is not a job I look forward to, I can honestly say that it is a pleasure using the LectroBlast® Electrostatic system. There is much less drift and thus more spray is getting on the trees where it will do the most good. The driver doesn't get showered with as much spray mist either.

We appreciate your help and consultation in getting this system installed on our LectroBlast® Sprayer. Thanks again for helping us turn a chore into a pleasure spraying our orchards."

Linden, CA

I farm in the San Joaquin Valley, with cost increasing in California something had to be done. Progressive Ag Inc. now offers a system that they call LectroSense, which turns the spray on and off as the machine senses a tree. Well I have 150 acres of young walnut trees and figured that the system should pay for itself, but I never could have guessed so quickly! In the 3 years that I have operated the machine I have saved over $40,000 in chemical savings alone, cut my spray time by over 70%, decreased my fuel usage and service on my tractor. I wish I would have purchased this machine years ago when I was first approached by the company. My repairs have been very minimal and the LectroBlast® Sprayer is the most cost saving investment I have ever made.

Linden, CA

Growing wine grapes has been tough for the last 4 years. Prices were down and cost have been rapidly increasing. I own two LectroBlast over the row vineyard sprayers and they have helped my farm to be more efficient and get the vineyard covered in very little time. I have been applying a rate of 25 GPA at 4 miles per hour. The machines have been in use for almost 5 years now and so far my coverage has been stellar. No mildew problems, no insect problems. I strongly recommend using a LectroBlast® Sprayer for all spray applications.

Tracy, CA

I'll keep this short and sweet, I used to operate 5 conventional sprayers which also meant 5 tractors and 5 drivers. Since switching to LectroBlast® Sprayer I now only have to run 2 machines. My savings have been tremendous, I've gone to every other row and my fill time has also been cut at least in half. Quality has increased, maintenance and repairs have decreased.

Stockton/ Lodi, CA

With Eastern Filbert blight becoming more of a problem I needed a solution. After seeing a demonstration with a LectroBlast® Sprayer I was convinced my coverage would be superior over my old conventional sprayers and I was right. My control has been remarkable! Neighbors keep reporting problems with the blight and my orchards are relatively clean. I now own two machines and would never switch to a different machine except maybe another new LectroBlast in the future.

Salem Area, OR

I grow Pecans near Hatch NM. We loved the simple design and durable quality of the LectroBlast® Sprayer. Even though we are two states over from Progressive Ag Inc response time for parts has been great. We have been running our LectroBlast for 8 years and looking to get one more in the near future.

Hatch, NM