Electrostatic Info

LectroBlast® Electrostatic Sprayers Orchard / Vineyard / Row Crop / Nursery

LectroBlast® Sprayers can operate at low volume electrostatic, all the way up to 50 gallons per minute, dilute:
ONE SPRAYER THAT CAN DO IT ALL! As chemical labels change, we can fit the need. Our sprayers are designed for orchards, vineyards, groves and nurseries. These units are built to last. When it comes to performance... Simply Better Coverage!

LectroBlast® Electrostatic Sprayers deliver on the promise of better coverage by:
- Improved canopy penetration
- Increased under leaf coverage
- Reduced spray drift
- Dilute capability

Here's how LectroBlast® Electrostatic Sprayers do it:
High velocity air, moving at speeds over 200 mph, passes by unique air-shear nozzles where chemical-laden liquid is pulled into the air stream. Small, fine droplets, approximately 50 micron in size, are created and take on a charge as they pass by patented electrostatic electrodes. As the charged cloud comes near the plant, it has a magnet like effect. The result is more chemical laden droplets deposited on the plant surface, especially in the under-leaf and hard to reach areas.
The high velocity air creates excellent canopy penetration, while the electrostatically charged droplets are attracted to the plant surface. The result is superior canopy penetration over conventional sprayers and increased chemical coverage. And since the droplets are all charged with the same charge, they react like magnets of the same charge and repel one another, which keeps the spray pattern consistent. They remain in this state until they come in contact with the plant that is earth grounded. The LectroBlast® Advantage is Simply Better Coverage, and less drift.
Delivering better chemical coverage is only one part of the LectroBlast® story. Here are some other benefits that current LectroBlast® Electrostatic sprayer owners are getting every day.

- Cover more ground in less time:  LectroBlast® Electrostatic Sprayers are able to travel faster than most conventional sprayers because they use high velocity air to get the chemical laden droplets to the plant surfaces. Conventional sprayers use low velocity air and high-pressure spray. Due to the high velocity air and charged spray cloud, LectroBlast® sprayers produce superior canopy penetrations while traveling at higher speeds.

- Fewer fill-ups:  LectroBlast® Electrostatic Sprayers are concentrate sprayers and usually apply rates less than 40 gallons per acre (GPA). The results are fewer fill-ups than conventional sprayers. And for those cases where you want to "wash down", LectroBlast® sprayers are capable of up to 50 gallons per minute. The LectroBlast® sprayer offers the best of all worlds: electrostatic, concentrate and high volume when you need it.

- Easy calibration:  Calibration is simple and quick. Just apply your application to the simple formula shown on the calibration chart, select the position on the metering valve and you are done. No nozzles to change or size. No orifices to switch. Changing calibration takes only a minute.

- Low maintenance:  LectroBlast® Electrostatic Sprayers use high volume, low pressure Ace centrifugal pumps that pump up to 120 GPM. Pressure at the nozzles is only 30 PSI, which means NO HIGH PRESSURE WEAR! The air shear nozzles feature a 3/16-inch orifice, which virtually eliminates plugging and wear. The 540-rpm PTO shaft is a Walterscheid Constant Velocity driveline, designed for tight turns without chatter or damage. The power train is well balanced, well tested and highly reliable. Everything that has to be serviced on a daily basis is easy to access. Even our painted surfaces are unique. They are powder coated for a high quality finish that is resistant to chipping and deterioration by sun and chemicals.

- High volume dilute kit:  (Available as optional equipment) Choose to equip your LectroBlast® sprayer with the optional Dilute Kit and you will be able to apply non-electrostatic rates of up to 50 gallons per minute.

Another LectroBlast® Advantage is the versatility in models and attachments for vineyards, orchards, row crops and nurseries.

- Over-The-Row models:  For row widths of 6 feet to 12 feet, choose from two Over-The-Row models. These new models offer the ultimate in great coverage, even in windy conditions. They are available in 300, 400, 500 or 600-gallon tow behind PTO driven models.

- Arbor Trellis models:  Our 400, 500, or 600-gallon models, when fitted with the new Arbor Trellis head attachment, let you spray 2 rows per pass at speeds up to 5 mph.

- Standard Tower models:  Available in 300, 400, 500, or 600-gallon tanks. The LectroBlast® Sprayers are capable of spraying vineyards as narrow as 6 feet up to 12 feet. They are perfect for all vertical or cross arm vineyards.

- Orchard models:  Our 300, 400, 500, or 600-gallon Orchard Sprayers are ideal for any type of trees. Available in PTO powered or Engine drive, they can operate at rates from 15 GPA up to 50 gallons per minute (with dilute option) and are perfect for young and old trees.

- Nursery models:  Our 300, 400, 500 or 600 gallon nursery sprayers are equipped with our new RotoTower attachment. This is a cannon style tower that will rotate 270 degrees, delivering coverage and material up to 70 feet in one direction.

- LectroSense system:  Our new LectroSense system allows you to spray your young trees much more efficiently, reducing both material waste and drift. Call for a demo in your young orchard today.

LectroBlast® Electrostatic Sprayers deliver on the promises:

Simply Better Coverage and Simply Better Built.

LectroBlast® Electrostatic Sprayers are made in Modesto, California. They are designed and built for tough, high use conditions growers face every day. Being local also means parts are readily available from the factory or one of several parts depots located in all regions of California, Oregon, Washington and Mexico, with more states and countries to come.
Find out today what the LectroBlast® Advantage can mean to you. Call now and arrange a demonstration in your vineyard, orchard, grove or nursery.